Our Services are built around four Core Skills

Our focus is to design and develop secure, high performances, distributed, state-of-the-art software architectures
Information Security is never an afterthought for us. We start thinking about every aspect of the security aspects of every architecture we create from the earlier design phase
Speed is our passion. We create fast, lean architectures which are able to scale from one to thousand nodes. A careful analysis of each component ensures top performances in every scenario
We've partecipated directly in the mobile revolution from the beginning and we are a Mobile First Company. Our solutions always exploit the level of pervasiveness made possible by the today's mobile infrastructures
Data are the Digital Gold and we've learnt mining it long time before the "Big Data" term was coined. We've developed strong, distributed, real-time, inference based analytics solution to process large amount of data

Our Services

With our technical expertise combined with years of experience in the analysis and the design of software architectures, we'll help you from the early phase of your project
Our algorithm research services, tailored to your specific needs, to ensure that your software platform really has unique competitive advantages
Our software development services will help you to minimize software development risks in mission-critical systems, leveraging our proven development experience
The Security Risk Assessment is one of the fundamental building blocks in tha audit process of any ICT platform. We can assist you in evaluating the security aspects your ICT infrastructure


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